Adequate fire evacuation is successful if you have received proper training

Emergency response team members learn during an emergency response course various factors of life-saving first actions and also how an evacuation in the event of a fire can proceed quickly and smoothly. All too often, after a fire, panic ensues and it can become chaos of people walking together. It is up to the emergency response team to ensure that an evacuation runs smoothly. As an emergency response officer, you should not panic yourself and try to keep calm. This requires quite a bit of you and that is why an emergency response course is very useful. Even if you already have a BHV certificate, it is advisable to take a refresher course now and then, so that your knowledge remains up-to-date.

The online fire and evacuation course from BHV Care

It is important that during a fire and evacuation course you learn everything about how fire extinguishers work and how to evacuate. A practical lesson is no longer necessary for this. The BHV fire and evacuation course can be followed digitally with interactive videos. This can be done on your pc or laptop, tablet or smartphone and this can be done anywhere you have an internet connection. Taking the course in your own familiar environment ensures that you follow the course much more relaxed and you are free to organize your own time.


* Module: What is fire?

* Module: Fire classes & extinguishing agents

* Module: Check & use extinguishing media

* Module: Evacuation in an emergency

Total duration: 90 minutes

About the instructor

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BHV Care

Dhr. Ton Plones is eigenaar van BHV Care. Dit is iemand waar je op kunt vertrouwen: veteraan, veiligheidsspecialist, voormalig rijksinstructeur bij de brandweer en al bijna 28 jaar ondernemer met het onderwerp Bedrijfshulpverlening. Ton is de autoriteit als het gaat om BHV regelgeving en normstelling bij BHV Care en hij heeft een encyclopedische kennis van de arbowet.

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Course Curriculum

What is Fire?
Introduction to Fire Safety FREE 00:00:00
The Mechanics of Fire 00:00:00
ASSESSMENT: The Mechanics of Fire 00:20:00
Fire Classes and Extinguishing agents
Fire Types 00:00:00
Introducing Fire Extinguishers 00:00:00
ASSESSMENT: Fire Types and Extinguishers 00:25:00
Checking and Using Extinguishers
Using Fire Extinguishers 00:00:00
Checking Fire Extinguishers 00:00:00
ASSESSMENT: Checking and Using Fire Extinguishers 00:30:00
Evacuation in an emergency
The Evacuation procedure 00:20:00
The Door procedure 00:00:00
ASSESSMENT: Evacuation in an Emergency 00:25:00

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