Emergency Responder Training (ERT)

The online Emergency Response Training (ERT) by BHV Care contains all essential information to help someone in an emergency situation. It is a complete emergency response training course with which you fully comply with the requirements of the Working Conditions Act.

After completing this course you will know what to do in an emergency situation at work. You will learn the following:

  • how to extinguish a small fire
  • what to do during an evacuation
  • how to get people to safety
  • how to perform various life-saving actions, such as the Heimlich maneuver and the Rautek grip
  • evaluate whether CPR is needed and how to perform CPR
  • how to use an AED
  • and more!

The course can be done on your own device, wherever and whenever you want.

Have your employees follow an emergency response basic course

Do you employ staff as an entrepreneur? Then it is important to make an inventory of safety in the workplace. This is even a legal obligation under the health and safety legislation. Your staff must be able to work safely, without unnecessary risks of an accident. Of course, an accident can always occur or a calamity, such as a fire, breaks out. You must also have a plan drawn up for this in accordance with the health and safety legislation. In the event of a calamity, qualified personnel must be present who can provide first aid or who manage an evacuation in the right direction. For this it is necessary that they follow an emergency response basic course.

Comply with the legislation by having your employees follow a basic emergency response course

If you have found employees willing to become an emergency response team member, you must have them follow a basic emergency response course. There are various options for registering your employees for an emergency response basic course. But as a modern company you also want to offer your employees the course in a modern way. This is possible with a basic BHV course from BHV Care. Safety is of course central in this course, but sustainability is central to the way in which the course is given. Employees follow the basic course completely online, so that they do not emit any CO². Safety and sustainability go very well together.

Follow an emergency response basic course via BHV Care

BHV Care stands for modern online BHV courses that focus on sustainability. The quality of the emergency response basic course is not compromised. In fact, the instructional videos are so clearly composed that hands-on fashions are no longer necessary. This makes the BHV basic course of BHV Care the most modern BHV course. Therefore, let your employees follow an emergency response basic course via BHV Care. With this you meet the legal requirements and you also take sustainability into account. Your employees will also be happy, they will benefit from flexibility and can take the course when it suits them.


About the instructor

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BHV Care

Dhr. Ton Plones is eigenaar van BHV Care. Dit is iemand waar je op kunt vertrouwen: veteraan, veiligheidsspecialist, voormalig rijksinstructeur bij de brandweer en al bijna 28 jaar ondernemer met het onderwerp Bedrijfshulpverlening. Ton is de autoriteit als het gaat om BHV regelgeving en normstelling bij BHV Care en hij heeft een encyclopedische kennis van de arbowet.

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Course Curriculum

What is Fire?
Introduction to Fire Safety FREE 00:00:00
The Mechanics of Fire 00:00:00
Assessment: Mechanics of Fire 00:20:00
Fire Classes and Extinguishing agents
Fire Types 00:00:00
Introducing Fire Extinguishers 00:00:00
Assessment: Fire types and extinguishers 00:25:00
Checking and Using Extinguishers
Checking Fire Extinguishers 00:00:00
Using Fire Extinguishers 00:00:00
Assessment: Checking and Using Fire Extinguishers 00:25:00
Evacuation in an emergency
The Evacuation procedure 00:20:00
The Door procedure 00:00:00
Assessment: Evacuation in an Emergency 00:20:00
The First Aid Checklist
First Aid Checklist Introduction FREE 00:20:00
Introduction to First Aid Training 00:00:00
Assessment: The First Aid Checklist 00:20:00
Giving CPR with an AED
Module Introduction to CPR FREE 00:00:00
Recognizing Gasping 00:00:00
Giving CPR 00:00:00
How to use an AED 00:30:00
Assessment: Giving CPR with an AED 00:40:00
The Rautek grip
Module Introduction to the Rautek grip 00:20:00
The Rautek grip training 00:20:00
Assessment: The Rautek Grip 00:20:00
The Heimlich Maneuver
Module introduction on the Heimlich Maneuver 00:00:00
The Heimlich Maneuver training 00:00:00
Assessment: The Heimlich Maneuver 00:20:00
The Log Roll
Module introduction on the Log roll 00:00:00
The Log roll training 00:00:00
Assessment: the Log Roll 00:20:00
The Recovery Position
Module introduction to the Recovery position 00:00:00
The Recovery position training 00:00:00
Assessment: The Recovery position 00:20:00
Stopping Severe Bleeding
Module introduction to Stopping Severe Bleeding 00:00:00
Stopping Severe Bleeding training 00:00:00
Assessment: Stopping Severe Bleeding 00:20:00

Course Reviews


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  1. A good basic course


    Good videos and simple explanations. Good basic foundation to fire safety, first aid and CPR with AED (for adults only).
    Some of the content didnt work/load (eg door procedure in the fire safety course)
    Some of the questions in the quiz were not from the latest reviewed module (in fire safety modules). The questions need to be moved to the next/applicable module.
    I would have liked to view why my answers in the quizzes were wrong/receive a rationale. This will improve learning.
    Will I get a response to my posted questions?
    Many modules spoke about neck injuries but did not explain what to do in case of a neck injury (eg jaw thrust maneuver)

  2. Checking rooms and Evacuating building Information on course


    The course is missing adequate videos and explanation on premises checking when fire alarm is set off. It jumps directly to the quiz.

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